Sunset Studio

The Sunset Studio is ideal for intimate concerts, theater rehearsals, meetings, parties, film nights or acoustic rehearsals and is located in Mayfield (Newcastle, NSW).


Sunset Studio is a dedicated acoustic room with timber floorboards, timber paneling to eye height and adjustable heavy drapes on three walls. It is able to seat up to 50 people for an intimate concert, and features a 7 foot Kawai Grand Piano.

The room is also perfect for dance or theater rehearsals, meetings, parties, film nights or acoustic rehearsals. It is located within the flourishing arts/dining hub on Maitland Road in Mayfield with a café’s (operating til 3pm most days) and a pizza bar (lunch and dinner).

Amenities include a wheelchair accessible bathroom with shower.


• 7 foot Kawai Grand Piano

• Smooth timber floors

• Accommodates up to 50 people

• Wheelchair accessible bathroom with shower


Studio hiring fees

• $10 per hour for groups under 15

• $15 per hour for 15-25 people

• $20 per hour for more than 25 people

• Concert hire is a flat fee of $100 (7 hours)

• Cleaning fee of $25 if you choose not to clean up.


For further information, please call Gleny Rae on 0416196525 or email





Sunset Studio Events

  • Gallie - Sat 3rd Sep 8pm

    His sublime lyrics and tremendous melodies sung with a voice that is both soulful and incredibly expressive earned his album rave reviews in Australia and America. In the short time he has called Australia his home, he has crashed into the Australian
    music industry’s consciousness - making it to a number of the media’s “best of the year lists” including: the
    Top 16 track of the year, Paul Gough, Inside Sleeve.
    Tickets $15

  • Alison Ferrier - Thursday 6th Oct 7pm

  • Eli West and Calahen Morrison (USA) - Thu 20th Oct 7pm