Gleny Rae Virus at Blackpot Festival Lafayette 2012

What is a “Whojigadandy”?

Home from a whirlwind five week tour of the USA, Gleny Rae Virus and her Playboys are very proud to have their new album on sale.

The recording spanned two continents; it was partially recorded  in the Ninth Ward Picking Parlour, Lawrence Kansas, with Mike West (Truckstop Honeymoon), and the Gallipoli Legion Club in Newcastle, with finishing touches at Robbie Long’s studio in Kotara.

“Whojigadandy” stretches the boundaries of hillbilly swing, with clear influences from the band’s 2011 USA tour. You can hear tinges of voodoo soaked New Orleans jazz, Trinidadian calypso, bluegrass ballads, love lorn bossa nova from Rio de Janeiro, along side their trademark “ western swing mixed with some rockabilly and authentic lyrical jazzy outback stuff” (Katie Euliss, Truckstop Honeymoon).

Whojigadandy will again be distributed by Vitamin Records, with the official release and tour earmarked for Feb/March 2013. In the meantime, you can purchase the album at gigs or by emailing your order to (discounts for orders of 3 or more).

The album is dedicated to Arnold “Clancy” Rae who sadly died while Gleny was in the air, flying home from the USA. Clancy gave us the term Whojigadandy… and if you want to know what it is, you have to buy the CD! How’s that for marketing genius!


Pilgrimage to country heartlands

We are very excited to announce our return visit to the USA, thanks to an invitation to perform at the South Western Regional Folk Alliance Showcase in Austin Texas. Yes, the cultural oasis of Texas where we will lodge with our great friend Bill Kirchen and hang out with the fabulous Carper Family Band, ogle at the music and boot shops and eat loads of BBQ and Torchy’s Tacos! Last time we visited Austin, it was like I died and gone to Hillbilly Heaven when we visited the Continental Club to see Raul Malo guest with Heybale, while Elana James two stepped round the dance floor. This time, we will play on that very stage when we open for the very talented Dale Watson.

Our journey will take us through Colorado, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, and no doubt every op shop, hotrod garages and antique arcade we spot! We have been invited to appear at the Pushfest and also the culturally overwhelming Black Pot Festival, hosted by the members of Red Stick Ramblers. It’s all about boudain sausage, duck gumbo and alligator jambalaya!

In the meantime, please come along to one of our final shows in Australia with Jeremy Edwards of the great hair and smooth radio voice and the Dust Radio. This band is the cutting edge of alt country in Australia, and we have been working hard to put together this double bill at the Katoomba RSL which is unbelievably…. FREE! September 1 is the first day of spring and we will celebrate in style at Katoomba!

Gleny Rae Virus to play the Nash!

We are deep into festival season, and fast approaching one of the favourite folk festivals in Australia. Gleny Rae Virus and her Tamworth Playboys make their first programmed appearance at the Nash following plenty of jamming in the session bar in previous years, last year’s guest appearance at the Stock Camp stage, and the 2010 appearance of The Junes. But this won’t be Gleny Rae’s only appearance in Canberra, this Friday 30th Eucalypso play a free concert at the Eurotune Motorcycles Queanbeyan to celebrate 30 years of business. Doors open at 7pm, BYO drinks and dancing shoes!
In other news, track two off the album Beyond Horizontal has been included in this year’s Saturday Night Country compilation and was played on Robbie Buck’s new program on Radio National, The Inside Sleeve.  It just goes to show that Carrot V. Bike is a common theme in suburban and rural homes! Stayed tuned for the upcoming show by USA duo Truckstop Honeymoon at the Gallipoli Club Newcastle on Saturday 14th April.

Fun Bomb to Rock the Caravan

An explosion of vibrant music will hit the Caravan Music Club on Friday 10th February when Gleny Rae’s Eucalypso debuts their Caribbean big band sound.
Gleny Rae had a big year in 2011, occupying the “lefty” seat on the hugely successful SBS social experiment Go Back To Where You Came From, as well as touring southern USA with her western swing trio.
She has also been developing a solid following at home in Newcastle with an 8 piece Calypso/ska band Eucalypso,  featuring a three piece horn section and her regular band maestros Dougie Bull and Roy Payne. The result is pure unadulterated danceable joy, featuring traditional songs from calypsonians Lord Kitchener, Harry Belafonte, Mighty Sparrow and the Roaring Lion. The horns dance and tease over the cheeky congas, while the lyrics play with subversive political commentary and sexual innuendo. Gleny Rae adds original material based on traditional forms with her own special brand of Aussie-calypso real life themes, such as over regulation, school yard irritations and loaned power tools.
Eucalypso  will be joined on the night by Melbourne’s glam-country supergroup The Junes, featuring Sarah Carroll, Suzannah Espie and Chris Tabone. The Junes will shake your country peaches and serve them up with sweetened creamy vocals and tasty swing. Since the band exists within an interstate paradigm, with Gleny Rae and Dougie Bull (Newcastle), Melbourne appearances are all too infrequent. The Junes will also be performing at the 2012 Port Fairy Folk Festival.

Eucalypso + The Junes $20
Caravan Music Club:
Friday 10th February




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Sundeck Hotel, Perisher Snowy Mountains of Music Festival 2011

See us live at the Sundeck Hotel, Perisher Snowy Mountains of Music Festival 2011.


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USA here we come!

Gleny Rae Virus and her Tamworth Playboys have been selected to perform at the 2011 Americana Music Association Festival, whose board members include the likes of Rodnell Crowell, Raul Malo and Buddy Miller. We will play at the famous Station Inn on Saturday 15th October, the venue we have so longed dreamed about watching DVDs such as The Timejumpers Live at the Station. This will be a grand opportunity to meet members of the Americana music industry, and finally try some of that famous weak American beer! Also on our journey, we will meet up with Mike and Katie from Truckstop Honeymoon and maybe record some new tracks in their studio. We have secured a number of “showcase” opportunities over there, including the Harvest Festival in Ozark, Arkansas, some groovy venues in Austin and New Orleans. We will also attend the Blackpot Cooking Festival in Lafayette, run by the wonderful Red Stick Ramblers who inspired us so when they toured Australia in 2009! Keep an eye on facebook for regular updates and photos, this will be the trip of a lifetime! And I might even get to meet Robert Plant at the AMA festival!


Melbourne CD launch Sat 6th August!

We’re launching our new album in Melbourne before we head off to the USA in October.  Beyond Horizontal. Featuring the delightful musicianship of her two main ‘playboys’ – Dougie Bull (double bass) and Roy Payne (guitar and labsteel). The album toys with traditional forms of western swing, bluegrass, gypsy jazz and rockabilly. The result is a collection of songs heavily influenced by the 40′s and 50′s. Americana genres, but with a distinctly Australian narrative slant. CD available here from Vitamin Records.